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    The diamond doesn't provide instant success.

    Friday, March 31, 2017

    The tallest kid on the court scores 20 points a game. Can't really shoot or dribble, but doesn't really believe he has to because of the success he's having with his physical advantage.

    Fastest kid on the football field runs for 3 touchdowns every game. Parents are already planning his Signing Day party.

    Tallest kid on the diamond cant' throw a strike, the fastest kid strikes out every time and drops the ball when it's hit to him.

    Both players quit the game by the age of 13 because it requires too much work and parents can't share their accomplishments on social media.

    Consistent success on the diamond requires quality instruction and practice time. Height, strength and speed won't guarantee you any bit of success.

    Players and parents, understand how difficult it is to hit a ball or throw to a target consistently. These are learned skills that require dedication.

    Don't give up on the diamond because it's "too hard," or you may not experience immediate success. Instead, get to work on developing your skills and embrace the challenge of the game.

    Our facility is open 7 days a week for all your practice and instruction needs. Stop in or call 225-2222 for more details on how we can help grow your game.

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    Where the Game Never Ends

    Extra Innings Ft. Myers is the premier indoor baseball and softball training facility in Southwest Florida - dedicated to fulfilling the needs of players of all ages and abilities. Extra Innings state of the art indoor baseball training facility has 22 foot high ceilings and over 14,000 square feet of training area, which includes 8 multi-use batting & pitching tunnels, a fully stocked Pro Shop, and birthday area.

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