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    Practice or play?

    Tuesday, May 02, 2017

    Practice more than you play! Unfortunately, these words of wisdom have lost some of their value, not only on the diamond, but in all sports.

    Don't be lead to believe that playing 70 games a year will help grow your game. For the developing player, practice time should far exceed the number of innings played each year. Unfortunately, many aspiring youth and high school players are under the false assumption that they will "get better" by just playing.

    Games are best served for those who have consistent mechanical fundamentals and performance. If you're not dominating your youth league, or having a successful high school season this spring, reconsider your training approach. Playing more games this summer is not the best solution to address mechanical and performance inconsistencies. This is critically important to players looking to play collegiately, showcasing poor mechanics or performance to college coaches on the recruiting trail this summer is not in your best interests.

    Mechanical flaws are best addressed in a controlled setting with a commitment to quality repetitions in the cage, on the tee, in the bullpen and away from the pressure of having to perform in competition.

    Make sure your game is "right" before you decide to show it off in tournaments and showcases this summer.

    We are open 7 days a week to provide all of your training needs, as well as having experienced coaches on staff to help grow any area of your game!

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