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    Complicating the game

    Monday, May 29, 2017

    Skill development should be the goal of any youth player as they learn proper fundamentals that will lead to consistent performance.

    The fastest way to destroy proper fundamentals is to complicate the game, as coaches ask the developing player to accomplish tasks intended for the advanced player.

    Locating "called" pitches and holding baserunners with a slide step is a lot to ask of pitchers yet to even master proper mechanics and throwing consistent strikes.

    Requiring a 12 year old player to swing a BBCOR bat because "they'll have to in a few years anyway," could in fact destroy that player's swing if they aren't developed for it.

    Parents, find a league or team that best fits your child's playing ability. The speed and strategy of "open" bases may not be the best fit for your developing player.

    Coaches, take your expectations on a case by case basis. Not every player on your team is ready for higher level tasks. Remember, youth players develop at many different stages. Give them expectations they can handle and their love and confidence in the game will grow.

    Call or stop in for details on instruction and feedback for what expectations your player is ready for.

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